At Autoklinikka repair shops, you can pay the excess and for the repair flexibly. By choosing to pay by instal-ments, you always get at least 30 days of interest-free credit and you can choose the payment period that suits you. The invoices for the instalments will be sent to you once a month. You can also pay for the purchase in full when you make the first payment, in which case the instalment cost will be only €2.90.

PLEASE NOTE: Payment by instalments is currently available at the following Autoklinikka repair shops: Espoo Espoonlahti, Espoo Friisinmäki, Espoo Olari, Helsinki Herttoniemi, Helsinki Malmi, Helsinki Stockmann Aimo Park, Hyvinkää, Hämeenlinna, Jyväskylä, Järvenpää, Kangasala, Kirkkonummi, Konala, Kuopio, Lahti, Lap-peenranta, Lempäälä Ideapark, Lohja (5/2023) Oulu, Oulu in the Rinta-Jouppi car dealership building, Pori, Porvoo, Raisio, Rovaniemi, Rovaniemi in the Rinta-Jouppi car dealership building, Sastamala, Savonlinna, Tampe-re Sarankulma, Tampere Lielahti, Turku Itäharju, Turku Oriketo, Tuusula (6/2023), Vaasa, Vantaa Kaivoksela, Vantaa Petikko, Vantaa Tammisto

Applying for credit

Payment by instalments is organised at the Autoklinikka repair shop. The seller will submit a credit application for your purchase. Once it is accepted, all you need to do is approve the transaction and payment method, and you will receive a link to the online portal by text message or email to approve the terms and conditions of your account. Please note that when you accept the account terms, you will need to authenticate yourself using, for example, your online bank user identifiers. Once you have accepted the account terms, your purchases will be transferred to your instalment account.

Instalment account and its costs

An instalment account (credit account) will be opened for you with a minimum monthly repayment of 5% of your open balance, or at least €10 per month. If you wish, you can make repayments above the minimum re-payment or repay the entire loan before it is due at no extra cost. If you have an existing account, your new purchases will be added to that account, meaning that you will receive one invoice for all your purchases each month.
Credit management fee: €2.90 per month
APR (annual percentage rate): 19.50%

Examples of repayments:
Credit 3 months 6 months 9 months 12 months
€300 €105/month €55/month €39/month €31/month
€500 €173/month €90/month €63/month €49/month
€1,000 €342/month €177/month €122/month €94/month
€3,000 €1,020/month €524/month €359/month €276/month

Example calculation: When you pay a credit of €1,000 in fixed instalments over 12 months, the monthly instal-ment is €93.82, the true annual percentage rate is 24.93% and the total amount to be paid is €1,125.82, of which the credit cost is €125.82.

Customer service in matters relating to credit accounts

For payment-related issues, you can contact Innovoice’s customer service: 09 4241 2303 / (open on weekdays 10:00-16:00).

Terms and conditions of a credit account

Credit accounts are granted and managed by Riverty Finland Oy (business ID: 1730113-3), PL 414, 00101 Helsinki.

To pay by instalments, you must be over 18 years old, have a good credit history and a permanent address in Finland that corresponds to the address recorded in the Population Information System of the Digital and Population Data Services Agency. Instalment transactions of more than €3,000 require a deposit to be paid before the credit is granted, and you must be over 20 years old.

To read more about the terms and conditions of a credit account (in Finnish) go to: