Autoklinikka is the leading auto body repair chain in Finland and part of the Nordic Werksta Group. Our goal is to offer excellent customer service and high quality with a competitive total repair cost. Our service network covers the whole country and we are also a Tesla approved chain of body repair shops in Finland.

We are constantly developing

During the past years, Autoklinikka has been rapidly developing into the forerunner in the industry. We see great potential in developing the whole value chain and questioning the status quo. We have grown into a profitable company not only by succeeding in our shared business with our customers, but also by focusing on the internal development projects with our talented people. We are determined to continue on this growth path and are proud to carry the leading role in the industry.

Autoklinikka is a Tesla approved body repair chain in Finland

Our skilled and qualified repairers are well trained to master the Tesla vehicles’ electrical and mechanical qualities, aluminium welding, body structure and the special requirements of their body repairs. We offer Tesla body repair services at Vantaa Kaivoksela, Lempäälä Ideapark and Raisio.

The services we offer

• Damage assessments
Digital damage assesment with photos
• Body repairs
• Tesla vehicle repairs
• Windscreen repairs
• Windscreen replacements
• Paintless Dent Repair
• Car paint repairs and re-sprays

At your service 24/7

We focus solely on body repairs and aim to excel in all aspects of this service. Our technicians are trained to the highest standard and we constantly monitor the quality of our services with internal audits.

To let us help your vehicle to become pristine again, please contact your closest body shop directly during business hours or call our 24/7 customer service number 020 7737 437.

We also offer possibility to pay the repair work in instalments. Please find more information in English by clicking here.

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