Autoklinikka In English


Autoklinikka is the leading auto body repair chain in Finland and part of the Nordic Werksta Group. We operate through 14 full service bodyshops and a network of 14 franchise partners in Finland. Our goal is to offer state-of-the-art customer service and  hight quality with competitive total repair cost.

During the past years Autoklinikka has been rapidly developing into the forerunner in the industry. We see great potential in developing the whole value chain and questioning the status quo. We have grown profitably by succeeding in our shared business with our customers but also focusing on the internal development projects with our talented people. We are determined to continue on the growth path and are proud to carry the leading role in the industry.

Quality and Customer Service

We focus solely on body repairs and aim to excel in all aspects of the service. Our technicians are trained to highest standard and we constantly follow the quality with internal audits. Customer service is at the heart of our business and we monitor our success daily. We ask every customer for feedback and follow up immediately. We measure NPS (net promoter score), which is a customer loyalty metric that measures the loyalty that exists between a provider and a customer. We constantly reach NPS-figures over 80 and the latest figures show that we are getting very close to reach 90. This is an extremely good result in the service business like ours.

Contact us

To let us help your vehicle to become spotless again, please contact the closest bodyshop directly during business hours:

  • Alavus, tel.
  • FastFix, Helsinki, Stockmann Q-Park, tel.
  • Hämeenlinna, tel.
  • Hamina, tel.
  • Herttoniemi, Helsinki, tel.
  • Joensuu, tel.
  • Jyväskylä, tel.
  • Kangasala, tel.
  • Kokkola, tel.
  • Konala, Helsinki, tel.
  • Kouvola, tel.
  • Kuopio, tel.
  • Lahti, tel.
  • Lohtaja, tel.
  • Mikkeli, tel.
  • Olari, Espoo, tel.
  • Oulu, tel.
  • Pieksämäki, tel.
  • Pietarsaari, tel.
  • Porvoo, tel.
  • Raisio, tel.
  • Rovaniemi, tel.
  • Salo, tel.
  • Sastamala, tel.
  • Savonlinna, tel.
  • Seinäjoki, tel.
  • Tammisaari, tel.
  • Tammisto, Vantaa, tel.
  • Tampere, tel.
  • Turku, tel.
  • Varkaus, tel.
  • Ylivieska, tel.

Outside business hours please call our 24/7 service number:

For business enquiries, please contact the Managing Director Mr. Patrik Puskala: